Music for Life – Anthony Faulkner interview on CBN “Turning Point”

New Single “Let It All Go” Featuring Nikki Potts

“Connection” Featuring Juliani


FAITH REMIX- Featuring GWAY & Cooper



FAITH – Original  Version



TBN – Prophecy


Live Interview on NTV
Uganda, Africa
2012 Groove Awards – It Starts With You  featuring Kambua
Nairobi, Kenya


2012 Groove Awards – Presenting Best Artist
Rwanda, Africa


Oslo Soul Children Conference Singing Gospel Classic ‘Tomorrow”
Oslo, Norway


Oslo Soul Children Conference Singing “LET IT ALL GO”
Oslo, Norway


Anthony Faulkner singing with legend  Andrae Crouch
Ghana, Africa


Singing Stop Searching: Revelation TV
United Kingdom


Let It All Go: Live Featuring Joyous Celebration
Durban, S. Africa


Anthony Faulkner: Amazing Grace
Stockholm , Sweden


Anthony Faulkner: His Eye Is On The Sparrow
Stockholm, Sweden


Anthony Faulkner: In studio with Oslo Soul Children
Hollywood, California