The Power of Giving Back

As I child I remember my family was so poor that we had people bring us food. Pride can often influence the outcome of a persons’ kind gesture, but when pride is not a factor and you are still looked down upon, that can create pride.  To be honest it gave me fuel to push into my greater greatness. Many people do not know how to give back without being insulting and looking down on a person. I remember feeling so low on many occasions after someone gave to my family. The look of pity in their eyes and the look of sorrow can be very damaging in a situation where drive and ambition are lacking.  There are also instances where there is drive and ambition and there is just a rough season. I am here to say, that you must have the mindset of love to really go to the places that need assistance. Food is not always what a person needs. A smile, your glow of life, a hug of love, a word of inspiration, and most of all leaving the feeling of HOPE with a person. It gives energy to help change a mood. It is true; we are what we say we are. It is very vital and critical that when you give back, you leave a lasting positive impact to change the future!!!! Everyone does not know how to recycle negative energy!!