The evolution of Anthony Faulkner (Then / Now)

I remember when I had a curly straw set hair style, I remember when I had dreads, I remember when I had braids, I remember when I had twist, and I remember when I finally CUT IT OFF!!!!   During each of those seasons it was so much fun trying new things and gaining the experience! I have no regrets what so ever!! Now I am rocking my low cut and having fun with my low maintenance hair.  I remember when I sang R&B and was singing in many various clubs in Hollywood, California, just waiting to be discovered.  I recall looking for the various auditions and signing up with casting agencies!! What a journey!! I earned my SAG/AFTRA membership and I am still a member, however I decided to focus on music and I have new songs out and in the process of being released in Africa! FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!